Civil/Architectural Estimator – Federal with Security Clearance


Job title: Civil/Architectural Estimator – Federal with Security Clearance


Job description: Civil/Architectural Estimator – Federal Location: Birmingham, AL Primary Function We are looking for an experienced, highly motivated candidate who will assist the MBGS team a Caliburn company, primarily working on the civil and architectural estimates for federal projects. Responsibilities include preparation of bid scopes, solicitation of qualified bidders, review of proposals, identifying and pricing valid cost saving suggestions. Candidate will also actively support and uphold the Company’s stated vision, mission, and values. Responsibilities * Review proposal specifications and drawings to determine scope of work and contents of estimate * Review schedules of projects being estimated * Prepare detailed estimates utilizing current estimating software * Develop comprehensive architectural and civil bid scopes for each project * Assist project team in design decisions, field changes, constructability issues, cost options * Prepare for and participate in interviews to clients * Participate in project coordination meetings * Participate in budgeting activities by soliciting trade partner support and evaluating bids * Provide viable, cost effective alternatives including cost, schedule, maintenance, & life cycle implications. * Review project documents for completeness and compliance to project goals * Issuing and updating through an electronic control system * Maintain database of bid history * Other duties as assigned by management Job Requirements * Ability to obtain and maintain a US Government Top Secret Security Clearance * Degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Management or related discipline * 5+ Years of relevant experience in civil construction and/or design field * 5+ Years of experience estimating federal projects and other related projects * Knowledge of construction principles/practices/building codes & standards * Proficiency with software programs, including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, etc. * Experience with estimating software (Timberline, Quick-Pen, OST, Procore, Assemble, etc.) * Experience working for or with subcontracts, trade partners and/or self-perform work * Knowledge of suppliers and subcontractors * Ability to estimate all types of civil projects/ contracts, including earthwork, utilities, paving and concrete structures * Familiarity with commercial building construction plans Preferred Qualifications * Excellent interpersonal and communication skills * Excellent organization skills * Proven ability to work both collaboratively and autonomously * Strong initiative * Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines Physical Requirements and Working Conditions * Office Environment * Sitting, standing, stooping, bending for extended amounts of time could be required Who We Are About Caliburn Internat i onal, LLC: We are a l e ading pro v ider of profe s s ional s er v i c e s and s olu ti ons to U.S. federal go v ern m ent agencies a n d c o mm er c ial c lien t s . W e pro v ide c on s ulting, e n gineering, m edi c al, a n d en v iron m e ntal s er v i c es as well as l arge sc ale p rogram m a n age m ent in s upport of o ur c ore m ar k ets of national defense, in t ernational d i plo m a c y , and ho m eland s e c urity c li e nt readine s s . Caliburn e m plo y s o v er 8,000 dedi c a t ed profe ss i o nals deplo y ed a c ro s s fiv e c ontinent s . The c o m pan y ‘s web s ite is w ww. c aliburn i ntl. c om . This job d es c ription i s to be u s ed as a guide for a cc o m pli s hi n g c o m pany and department obje c t iv es and is not i n tended and s hould not b e c on s trued to be an al l – i n c lu s i v e l i s t of re s ponsi b iliti e s , s k ill s , efforts or wor k ing c ond i t i ons a ss o c ia t ed with a j o b. M anage m ent re s er v es the right to m od i f y , add or re m o v e dut i es from parti c ular jobs a nd to a ss ign other duties as ne c e s s a r y . Caliburn is a n Equal Opportunity E m plo y er (EO E ). E m plo ym ent s ele c t i o n and relat e d de c i s io n s are m ade without regard to ra c e, c olor, national ori g in, religion, s e x , di s abili ty , v eteran st atu s , gender identit y , and s e x ual ori e ntation, and other s tatu s es prote c ted by law.

Expected salary:

Location: Birmingham, AL

Job date: Thu, 19 Nov 2020 23:31:13 GMT

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